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Little Domes by Faze Change Produx
Are Designed to be Low Cost and a Joy to Live In.
Little Domes by FCP are also designed to durable,
energy efficient, and safe in storms of all kinds.

Little Domes can also be made very fire safe, if you wish.
The round shape lets the storm blow around the building
instead of blowing the building over or catching it on fire.
Little Dome designs can be revised to be exactly as you wish, if you wish.

This website was last updated on Wednesday June 16th, 2021.
All quoted prices below are valid until December 31st, 2021.

On Caribbean Islands and Midwest Plains
we fear high winds and heavy rains.
We want to be happy, well fed, and safe from harm.
So next to our productive organic farm
we build a little round charm,
Slightly larger than tiny and safer in storms...
A little dome home that eases our alarm.
Round homes built with EconOdome kits are engineered to be safe in high winds.
Large straps hold the the aerodynamic dome secure to the foundation at all ten corners.

The inside may be finished with all exposed wood.
This interior wood paneling is made from sheets of 1/2" raised wood paneling.

The ground level floor is easy to make
with some concrete and 13---8ft. long treated 4x6 beams.

Info about and costs for 26 2V (two frequency) EconOdome frame, panel, and shingle Kits
A hemispherical 4V EconOdome kit has 10 vertical trapezoids and 130 triangles.
The 26 2V EconOdome allows for larger skylights than a 4V dome because the triangles are larger.
The 26 ft. dia. 2V dome has 40 framed triangles made with 65 precision cut struts.
The longest strut length and triangle edge length is 8 feet.
Operable skylights aka roof windows can fit within any of the 40 large triangles.
The 8 ft. length works well with both conventional lumber lengths and 4x8 sheet sizes.
There is framing within each large triangular frame to better support the covering panels.
And, also to allow the large panels to be divided into smaller and easier to handle panels.

If you wish to complete your dome home quickly and also create a beautiful ceiling:
We recommend you consider building with an
EconOdome T-Beam frame kit.
The T-Beams hold both the interior and exterior panels in place
with the help of "the force" of gravity.
The precision cut 26' 2V T-Beam frame kit
with pattern blocking and connectors costs...$8,800.

Each of the 40 large triangles are divided into 3 easy to handle pieces.
The 120 R-20 insulated exterior panels
with custom cut thermoplastic shingles costs + 5" screws and washers...cost...$8,800.

The 120 R-21 insulated interior panels
with unpainted gypsum facing to the inside cost...$4,400.

Cost of the three kits necessary to frame, insulate, and waterproof
the 26' dome...Total...$ 22,000.

The 120 R-20 interior panels made with
smoothed 5/8" T-111 grooved wood siding
instead of gypsum exposed to the interior... costs...$5,000 extra.
There is a $100 charge for each custom curb mounted skylight frame.

All skylights are curb mounted
and sealed with heat welded thermoplastic to prevent leaks.
Both manual and solar operated venting skylights may be purchased from Faze Change Produx.
Faze Change Produx distributes both
solar operated Velux Skylights and egress rated Supreme Skylights.
PRE-CUT 8' high 2x6 LOWER PERIMETER walls for the 26' 2V EconOdome cost $3,000.
The remainder of the construction materials will need to be purchased locally.

There is an additional $100 charge for each custom curb mounted skylight frame.
All skylights are curb mounted and sealed with heat welded TPO to prevent leaks.
Skylights may be purchased from Faze Change Produx or another skylight distributor.
Cost for each 3'x3' egress rated operable curb mounted Supreme skylights is $800 plus shipping.
The remainder of the necessary materials will need to be purchased near your job site.
With a Basic EconOdome frame kit,
you will need to insulate and sheetrock the dome ceiling.

Custom compact stairs and custom built-ins are also available.
The costs will depend upon the designs.
Please contact our office, if you wish,
to discuss pricing including shipping costs and custom options.

If you wish a slightly larger dome home that has 1,400 sf on two floors
and is large enough to contain 3 spacious bedrooms and a full bathroom upstairs,
then consider building with 30' diameter 2V EconOdome frame Kit
See sample floor plan below.

A 30' diameter two story T-Beam Frame Kit includes:
+ 120 Interior R-21 Panels with sheetrock facing to the interior
+ 120 Exterior R-20 Panels
+ 120 Custom cut TPO shingles
attached to the exterior panels at our factory.
+ 10 precut 8' high lower perimeter 2x6 wall frames.
the ABOVE total is $26,000.
Each custom curb mounted skylight frame costs $100 extra,

A small five-sided dome cabin

This five sided cabin has an interior loft. The floor is built above treated telephone poles. Each of the five sides is 8 foot by 8 foot.

In order to build this building without a building permit in California,
this building needed to be portable (not built on a permanent foundation).
So, it was built above pre-cast piers and boulders.
After completion this building was put on skids so it could be moved.

A similar dome cabin was built with EconOdome Kits
over 20 years ago and now being utilized as a
unique AirBnB rental near the coast in California.

Mushroom Dome Cabin:
#1 in the World on airbnb located in Aptos, California

The Air BnB management folks liked this popular little dome so much
they built an 80% scale model in their San Francisco office.
Click on pic to see more pics and to make a reservation.
This little dome cabin is located in Aptos, California
features a geodesic dome loft level sleeping area and a large deck within the trees,
you will feel like you are in an unique tree house.
Located in a quiet yet convenient woodsy location.
The perfect "check-in to check it out" destination for both
San Francisco Bay area residents and traveling future domies.
This little 13' diameter dome cabin has five sides that are each 8' x 8'.
There is a 4'x8' bathroom addition on one side.

Cost of a Basic 2x4 13' diameter 4V EconOdome frame kit is $6,000USD + shipping.
(as shown in photos with 160 triangles formed with 250 struts)
Cost of a Basic 2x4 13' diameter 2V EconOdome frame kit is $3,000usd + shipping.
(as shown in other photos with 40 triangles formed with 65 struts + T-blocking)

Vinyl faced insulation stapled over the interior side of the exterior panels,
before the exterior panels are installed,
creates a pillow effect on the finished interior.

This 14 foot diameter dome may be used as a hot tub cover.
The attractive frame may be screened, covered with plexiglass,
or overgrown with grape vines.

The photos above show a ten-sided building with a dome roof
having 40 triangles and resting on a gravel base.

If you wish more info, or, to order the complete 13' diameter EconOdome cabin kit,
please contact our office by phone (217-521-9294) or email
to receive a partially filled out EconOdome Kits order form.

This is photo of a 16' diameter 2x8 lapping ten sided base.
This base is set on a retained bed of gravel.

The lapping base acts as permanent concrete forms for a radiantly heated floor.
Please contact us for additional info and pricing on this and other
Pre-Cut Foundation and Floor Forms Kits.

Below are some examples of custom compact stairs.
The compact stairs shown below are easy to walk up and down without holding the handrails.
However, narrow stairs with offset steps and two handrails are very helpful for people with disabilities.

Faze Change Produx can also provide custom built-ins.
Costs will depend upon the designs.

Custom plans are a separate issue.
See for details. The deposit on all EconOdome frame and panel kits is 75%.
The final payment will include the shipping costs.
If you also wish us to precut your loft and main level floor frames,
the costs will depend upon the design.
Contact our office at 217-521-9294 or via email
for details and pricing for custom options.

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